Monday, October 3, 2011

Pool and Bus Update

Kathy Bundrick did excellent research for pricing for the 5th Grade Party.

POOL:  The pricing for the pool and the cost for a private pool party  would be $450.00. This price may not include lifeguards. There is plenty of room at the pool to have inflatables and there is a sand volleyball court and a basketball court.

 BUS: The buses will not schedule field trips on an early dismissal days till after 2:00 and on a regular dismissal day the won't drive field trips till after 4:00.  The cost of the buses are $13.00 an hour for the driver and $1.00 per mile for the bus. If the pool party is considered we will have to have a parent transportation system.


  1. Thanks Mrs. Bundrick for researching the the pool cost and the bus info.

    Although a pool party sounds good to some of us adults, especially since Terrace hasn't had one in a while, I think we need to listen to the kids. A few of the girls I know of have said they will not feel comfortable at a pool party.

    If we want to do something that hasn't been done in a while we can brainstorm some ideas. A water balloon fight, or watermelon eating contest. MAybe a pig kissing booth or a pie in the face booth. I bet the kids would love to see their parents, teachers and administraors in one of these situations!!

    How about a survey of the kids to get their ideas?

  2. Great ideas, Everyone. I created a survey for the kids. I will ask the teachers this week to have the kids do the survey.